CM2 Performance Band and Pulse Web Wellness Devices

Using CM2 (Cell Matrix Squared) Technology, PEMFT and Toroidal Field Therapy

*We are seeing Frequency Therapy becoming far more common as well as a safe and effective way to assist healing in our body, mind and soul.*

In this age of Science, Technology and Information Natural Magic is at the cutting edge of the best, most effective, ease of use and most affordable products on the market today.


We have Frequency Products that support any lifestyle – just charge and wear

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Eight years of research and testing CM2 continues to uncover new benefits.

The human body is amazing and when your cell health is performing at optimum levels we can reach our health and nutritional goals faster when our cell health is performing at optimum energy levels.

Healthy cells need the proper nutrition and oxygen to perform at peak levels to help reduce inflammation and so much more.

At Natural Magic / Partner.Co we formulate “best-in-class” supplements that are targeted to optimize with the CM2-Technology.

CM2technology creates a toroidal field around our body which connects to our heart which is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy and enables better cell communication.

This Toroidal Field also taps into the Quantum energy field of 5D creating a more balanced environment that supports improved healing on an energetic level.

PEMFT has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain, aid in bone repair and offers many other benefits through improved capillary vascularization and improved oxygen and nutrition uptake. The benefits of PEMF to facilitate a swifter return to a normal lifestyle are well-documented.

Hello I am Michelle Bron and the founder of Natural Magic Yoga and Therapies.

Frequency Therapy is such a passion of mine because of how it has helped me and many  others. I have been using the CM2 band every day since 26.12.2022 and I’m SO in love with this product. I have had experience re Frequency Therapy since April 2020.

I also LOVE the web which I use at least 1-3 times a day.

I feel we are at the cutting edge of the best of technologies working with doctors, scientists and biologists. Also the most affordable, effectiveness and simplicity of use.

No apps, no blue tooth etc.

My personal experience since using the Band: I need PERFORMANCE and ENERGY every single day as my life is super busy. I need time to do all the things I need to and want to every day including exercise, running a home and business, having a family, teaching Yoga, study and other work.

I am able to perform tasks with much more ease, far less stress, more motivation and with more clarity, focus and no brain fog! I experience far less anxiety, more hormonally balanced and a sense of inner peace, joy and far more positivity.

I am able to teach my Yoga classes more from the heart and so much more creativity and motivation as well as far more connection to nature and my relationships. My consciousness/coherence is far greater. The brain/heart connection is so vital to all in life.

*If you are drawn to Frequency Therapy and you want to learn more about our amazing technology, see scientific papers etc please join this Facebook group below and mention;

I (Michelle Louise Bron) invited you when answering questions.

Otherwise you can search this Google drive also for scientific info.

You may also feel drawn to watch these videos:

CM2 Toroidal Field Technology – The Origins

Toroidal Field Therapy – CM2 Technology, Pulse Band, Pulse Web

The question is to do you want or seek to improve the following?:-

  • Do you desire to have more vitality and energy?
  • Do you desire to have less pain?
  • Do you desire to feel more balance and harmony in your life?
  • Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing on every level: less pain, increased circulation, better digestion etc?
  • Do you desire to increase your performance and focus/biohack your body?
  • Do you desire to feel more positive about your life?
  • Do you desire to have more flexibility and mobility?
  • Do you desire to have more motivation, clarity and focus?
  • Do you desire to feel more connected with your soul and have more connection to others and nature?
  • Do you desire to have improved stress management and less and anxiety?
  • Do you desire to have more consciousness/coherence/brain/heart connection?
  • Do you desire MORE in life in so many ways?

Then the Performance – Pulse Band and/or Pulse Web is your Answer!

Of course a good diet, exercise, detox regime, and clean water is ALL important. When we take better care of ourselves and add the use of this technology it can help assist the cells to absorb more oxygen, essential vitamins and minerals from our water, food and supplements etc.

*Because if the cells are not at the correct voltage it is harder for waste to release from the cells and harder for oxygen and other to get into the cells.*

The Pulse Band and Web work together to bring back more harmony to your body, rejuvenate, revitalise and restore after injuries, accidents, tissue trauma etc.

DISCLAIMER: The Pulse band and web are not being used to treat any illness or disease. They are a supportive wellness device.


  • DO NOT use the BAND/Web if you have a Pacemaker, are pregnant, have a cochlear implant, are Epileptic.
  • Prior to use, consult your physician if you are currently under care or treatment or have a chronic or life-threatening medical condition.
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 12.
  • Do not immerse in water. The product is water resistant, NOT waterproof.

To get the most out of the Band: wear up to 12hrs a day each day or build yourself up to that  time. Drink plenty of water and we recommend using Restorix at least for the first 3 months to help flush out toxins as it will detox your body. Then Restorix can be taken periodically.

Ready to purchase?

We have a 2- year warranty, 30- day money back guarantee and even payment plans to make this more affordable.

You can also contact me and get support with your product/s.

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