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Aromatherapy as the word implies uses ‘aroma’ to aid healing and well-being on a holistic level; aromas we smell every day in Mother Nature’s garden. It’s long been known that Mother Nature provides us with an extensive medicine cabinet, and aromatherapy lets us use her gifts in an empowering way. Oil is extracted from her flowers, trees, bushes, and herbs, and is used to treat a wide range of human ailments – in some cases, those of our pets. It’s the use of these essential oils in our everyday lives that can uplift our moods and senses, provide first aid, beauty products and assist us in getting closer to ourselves through greater awareness.

Since time began, human beings have looked to nature as a resource. The cycle of the seasons can be depended on; the regeneration of plants can be trusted. The medicine provided by thousands of plant species to heal our bodies, minds and spirits is at our fingertips with aromatherapy practices. With the daily use of essential oils, these benefits can now be extended into our personal lives.

It is the wisdom of Mother Nature that creates each plant’s unique chemical combinations. An intellectual process in a laboratory cannot possible imitate what Mother Nature does intuitively. When practicing aromatherapy, choose your oils with discernment.

(Taken from Aromatherapy 101 – by Karen Downes)

Love and Healing is in the Earth xo